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FinThrive offers a comprehensive platform of Billing & Coding Compliance solutions to include access to our robust Knowledge applications or unlocking our "knowledge engine" that drives our master repository of content, web services or data files.

Whether you are a payor, healthcare IT vendors, physician practice, consultant or a health system, leveraging our timely billing, coding and regulatory information, as well as our content portal can provide visibility into pitfalls, improve revenue performance and streamline business processes and efficiency.

Billing, Coding & Compliance Solutions
Did you know RAC recently recovered over $2 Billion in overpayments? Access comprehensive billing, coding & compliance tools, libraries, coverage and reimbursement solutions that provide visibility into major billing and reimbursement challenges that stifle revenue and expose you for audits. Enhance productivity by using our speed to efficiency solutions that helps navigate multifaceted regulatory requirements and the complex data relationships that expose your organization. Solutions include:

• KnowledgeSource
• KnowledgeSource Pro
• Coding & Billing Add-Ons

Billing, Coding & Compliance for Business-to-Business Integration

Application-to-application communication has presented challenges for businesses to maintain operational efficiency. Whether you are looking for APIs, web services and/or data files, our solutions support business needs such as verification, claim editing capabilities, data normalization, content management, or clinical/financial integrations to enhance your business. Our solutions are designed for organizations looking to integrate one or more of these functions into their internal systems via an industry-standard method of interoperability between software applications running on a variety of platforms and frameworks. Solutions include:

• APIs
• Web Services
• Mastered Content Database
• Clinical Integration Services
• Data Files (Proprietary and Standard)

Products Descriptions

Access comprehensive coding and compliance content, all major code bundling and edit checks, and KnowledgeSource billing and coding research tools.

• KnowledgeSource Pro
• KnowledgeSource

Compliance Add On Options

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AMA CPT Assistant**CPT© Assistant provides you with coding insight straight from the source of CPT, the American Medical Association. Quickly find the supportive CPT© data to:

* Appeal insurance denials

* Validate coding and audits

* Train staff

CPT© Assistant is part of our robust library which easily delivers guidance to our users with a simple click instead of having them dig for details. Add CPT© Assistant to your subscription today to help enhance your insight and mitigate coding and billing pitfalls!

AHA Coding Clinic ICD-10 is the KnowledgeSourcePro version of the American Hospital Association's (AHA) award-winning quarterly newsletter. Access is available to Coding Clinic information going back to 1984.

AHA Coding Clinic HCPCS is the KnowledgeSourcePro web version of the American Hospital Association's (AHA) coding clinic on HCPCS. Access is available to Coding Clinic for HCPCS going back to the first issue released in March 2001.

Products at a Glance

KnowledgeSource PROKnowledgeSource
Single Online Reference Source Check Icon Check Icon
Code Lookup Check Icon Check Icon
Advanced Search Check Icon Check Icon
Advanced CPT Features Check Icon Check Icon
Advanced ICD-10 Features Check Icon Check Icon
Code Builders Check Icon Check Icon
Pharmaceutical Data search Check Icon Check Icon
Medicare Fee Schedules & RVUs Check Icon Check Icon
Correct Coding Initiative CCI (Pro only) Check Icon Check Icon
CodeChecker (Professional edits only) _ Check Icon
Medical Necessity Checks Professional _ Check Icon
Direct Links to Compliance References _ Check Icon
CodeChecker (All Edits) _ Check Icon
Peer & Provider Pricing Analyzer _ Check Icon
Medical Necessity Checks (All providers) _ Check Icon
Revenue Code Crosswalks and Catalogs _ Check Icon
Correct Coding Initiative References & Edits (All) _ Check Icon
Outpatient & Ambulatory _ Check Icon
Advanced Data Crosswalkers _ Check Icon
IPPS Data _ Check Icon
APC Grouper _ Check Icon
MSDRG Grouper _ Check Icon
AMA CPT Assistant Optional Optional
AHA Coding Clinic ICD-10 Optional Optional
AHA Coding Clinic HCPCS Optional Optional